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Things to know before you cross into Nicaragua


Playing Guacalito is a great time and an awesome round of golf.  You should know these points before going there.


  1. You will need approx $25 per person to cross border. 

  2. The shuttle is going to take you to the Costa Rica immigration - where you will show you passport and get it stamped. Then you will get back on the shuttle to the Nicaragua border (about 500 yds away) where the MUKUL resort shuttle will be waiting for you. 

  3. For customs - the resort has a contact at the Nicaragua side. This service is completely optional and costs $20 per person.  If you do not want the service please tell the contact literally and do not hand over your passport. 

  4. The return trip is scheduled for 430pm - this should give you a lot of time to finish your round and enjoy a bit of the Mukul resort where Guacalito is. 

  5. On your return, you can opt to use the expedite services again. Although it is not necessary and would cost $20 per person.  We do not recommend using it since you are not in a hurry. 

  6. There is NO need for you to exchange money into Nicaraguan money. Do not use the exchange people at the border - it is a rip off. 

  7. The shuttle will have the name JACAMAR on it. This is the only one authorized to take you. 

  8. If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 8982-7496. 

  9. Remember to take passport and proof of onward travel. 

    • USA and Canadian citizens do not need a visa - if you are a citizen of another country please check your visa requirements. 

  10. Have a great time.



Other considerations:

  • not recommended travel with children. 

  • it is a whole day trip. Normally pickup at 730am and return at 6pm (approximate - depends on a lot of factors like your speed of play, lunch time, and traffic at the border.)

  • We schedule time for you to have a pleasant lunch on the beach at Guacalito. 


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