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Los Delfines

Great option in the Nicoya Peninsula

Spectacular golf course located in beautiful tropical surroundings. Nature and great golf are achieved - you get to see lots of macaws and birds while you play lush fairways.  


A difference from other courses in Costa Rica is its bunkers - they are more like typical English/European bunkers. These white sand bunkers are respectful of the tropical climate and are better suited to withstand rainfall than before. 

Los Delfines golf course is home to the largest population of Scarlet Macaws in Costa Rica
and is the only golf course in the world to offer sanctuary to 230 Scarlet Macaws that were
previously freed from captivity.  The survival of the Scarlet Macaw has been ensured through a controlled reproduction-in-captivity initiative, in the Nicoya peninsula.

With twenty species of trees been cared for at Los Delfines - birds to feed in a natural environment and have shelter for resting and nesting. They plan to free 300 birds on the course to establish a biologically viable population.

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