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Traveling to Costa Rica - COVID 


As of Feb 25, 

COVID in Costa Rica

All businesses, hotels, restaurants, golf courses are open to the public. We do have a face mask requirement to enter establishments. 

For Golf: Please use a mask to enter the golf shop, once in the cart and during your round, you can play without it. 

For restaurants - you will be asked to wash your hands prior to entering, wear a facemask. All servers will wear facemasks for your protection. Many restaurants have moved to online menus. 

Hotels - very similar to restaurants - you will be asked to wear facemask in the shared areas of the hotel. 

There is now COVID testing in most resorts that we suggest. We would coordinate your COVID test for your departure back to your country. Also there is Antigen testing at Liberia and San Jose airport for an additional testing option. 

There is no current test required to fly into Costa Rica. 

All of our private transfers are desinfected between trips and all drivers wear masks for your protection. 

If you have any additional questions - please do not hesistate to ask us. 

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