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About our Pura Vida Golf Tour

The Pura Vida Golf Tour has as its main objectives to:


  • Be a motor for change in Costa Rica by donating materials that help the educating of children in our community. 

  • Be a motor for growth in Costa Rica and southern Nicaragua by giving quality experiences to tourists so they will want to come back and play our events again and again. 


Our tour series is currently four tournaments played in Guanacaste and southern Nicaragua. We at Tee Times Costa Rica are taking a large portion of the proceeds at the end of the tour series to purchase shoes and glasses for children in the Guanacaste area. 


Our expertise and name recognition in the tourism field allows us also to get many prizes from some of Costa Rica and Nicaragua best resorts to give out as prizes and raffles. We also plan out events that are different like the Papagayo Cup that incorporates a prize ceremony in a 120 person catamaran. 

Our tour series is made up of boutique style tournaments that give the golfers personalized attention and experience. Our tournaments are from 50 to 80 players - we never overfill a course. 


Check out our events - the Papagayo Cup, Pura Vida Weekend, A MidWinters Golf Dream and Tee Times Costa Rica Cup - if you want to have a great time and create memories that will last a lifetime. 



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