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We Will Get over This 

Golf Packages

We understand that booking a golf package is full of uncertainty right now.


We have created an option for you in which you can start planning your vacation with us and then once you decide/ can book airline tickets, we would formalize your package deal. 

Some benefits:

1. No deposit needed

2. Fully flexible dates - Just need to have an idea of how many nights you would like to be in Costa Rica. 

3. We would give you pricing based on the number of nights, and golf you would like to play. We can also start planning other activities like National Park hikes, zip-lining, ATVing, fishing, and catamaran tours. 

  • Need to add/decrease nights? - no problem. 

  • This pricing is firm from us - meaning we honor it once you decide on travel dates. (Based on hotel availability) 

  • An added benefit is that you get low season pricing even when wanting to come in high season. (The only exception is Easter and New Years week)

Please use the form below to start planning a fully flexible vacation with us. No strings attached. 

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