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Los Suenos Luxury Retirement

Los Suenos Luxury Retirement

Guanacaste Retirement

Guanacaste Retirement

Retire in Conchal resort

Retire in Conchal resort

Los Suenos Luxury Condos

Los Suenos Luxury Condos

Costa Rica Golf Communities: A golfer’s Guide to Retiring in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has always attracted many retirees due to its perfect weather, people and tax benefits that they enjoy.


If you are an avid golfer or even an occasional duffer, Costa Rica offers several options for golf course communities or areas that are close to golf courses where you could live. These are the ones I suggest for golfers ranked in order of appeal:


Los Suenos Golf Course


The villas and condos at Los Suenos resort are a safe investment - Los Suenos is among the country's favorites and is a great option for someone looking for rental income on the side. This is as upscale luxurious of a resort as you can get in Costa Rica. Houses sit on mountains overlooking the marina bay, golf course and the expansive Marriott Los Suenos resort.  The resort has Costa Rica’s largest marina and is home to many fishing tournaments. It is also constantly named among the best resorts in the Latin America. 


Houses run on the millions and condos run from $300K to the million dollar mark depending on oceanviews. Los Suenos golf course itself is amazing due to its surroundings and views. The rainforest is everywhere and is an integral part of the course and resort houses.


Reserva Conchal


Reserva Conchal is my favorite resort in Costa Rica. It is luxurious without really trying to be luxurious – it just is. The Reserva Conchal golf course is excellent and a definite bonus to anyone choosing to live here.


The houses and condos are in the same price range as the Los Suenos resort but their architecture is very different due to Guanacaste’s weather – dry rainforest. Condos seem to be more open and are much scarcer than at Los Suenos. Reserva Conchal is still growing – there are plans to add a second golf course at the resort.


A nice thing about this resort is that you can play the resort course and also play nearby Hacienda Pinilla golf course. Play at Reserva Conchal golf course is never crowded and is so relaxed that it is truly enjoyable. 


Cariari Country Club


This club offers a great value for a golfer.  Cariari golf course is the best in the San Jose area and membership runs less than $12,000. Member green fees run about $12 on weekends. Run the numbers - you’ll see it is a great option if you are really into golf.


Cariari’s location is also ideal. Just 10 minutes from San Jose, you are close enough to modern day necessities and all the shopping that you might need, but your house is in a quiet subdivision surrounded by Spanish style houses. Home prices here are much lower than in Escazu or Santa Ana. A typical house runs anywhere from $200K to high end.


Valle del Sol.


Valle del Sol is a high end subdivision with controlled access.  The Valle del Sol golf course is public and offers a nice round of golf. Once you are a homeowner, rounds costs about $20 or it costs about $34 for resident retirees.


There are many housing options in the area – from $120K condos to multi-million mega mansions. You don’t have to drive more than 20 minutes to play Valle del Sol. This variety is good because you will always find something that fits your budget. 


We can suggest experienced real estate agents specialized in the Valle del Sol and Cariari areas. These local agents know what builders are worthwhile. I would suggest staying in a long term hotel and shop for a new house with patience and getting to know the area before making a decision.


Los Reyes

Los Reyes is a bit out of the way but a great find for people on a budget. The golf course is a 9 hole full length very capable course. 

The Los Reyes subdivision is also access controlled and very private. There is a very different feel to this subdivision than Valle del Sol – it feels that life is slower here and more relaxed. The people that live here are a different breed – you’ll see it in the type of houses. There are no McMansions, no showing off. Los Reyes residents I feel are more down to earth.


Hacienda Pinilla

Hacienda Pinilla golf community is a perfect fit for someone waiting peace and quiet. Believe me, you will have all the peace and quiet you can possibly have. The Pinilla golf course is also an excellent design. It is characterized by long wide fairways and huge greens.


You can get a nice condo nearby for mid 250s but houses inside the resort go up to the multimillion dollar range.  Hacienda Pinilla resort has a lot of room to grow and you can choose to live near Avellanas beach for breathtaking ocean views at this beautiful beach or choose to live closer to the JW Marriott or more developed areas of the resort if you want to have some neighbors.


Hacienda Pinilla is about 15 minutes away from the fun and surf hub of Tamarindo. You are close to first world shopping, restaurants and adventure tours. You are also close to other beautiful beaches. If you purchase in Pinilla or close by, you will not have access to Reserva Conchal.


I suggest using a specialized real estate agent that will know the needs of golfers and will understand the need to close to golf. Contact us for no pressure suggestions on where to live - Costa Rica's regions offer very different lifestyles. Guanacaste is more quiet and off the beaten path while San Jose living is more cosmopolitan and fast paced. 


We know what areas are good to move to, others to avoid due to traffic and security. Contact us below and a real estate agent will contact you.


Other Resources: Costa Rica Golf Resort Map,  Costa Rica Country Guide


We can Organize a golf tour so you can check out your retirements options

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